12/08/2016 – Colóquio - “Biomedical Detection Using Optical Phenomena ” - Prof. Dr. Robert Lieberman (Lumotix, LLC / SPIE President)



Biomedical Detection Using Optical Phenomena




Dr. Robert Lieberman

(Lumotix, LLC / SPIE President)


A variety of optical platforms have been developed to address specific problems in biochemical detection, biomedical diagnosis, and medical treatment.  Point-of-care testing, label-free biochip readout, fundamental cellular physiology studies, and diathermy monitoring all benefit from the unique advantages offered by light-based approaches to quantitative measurement.  This presentation summarizes the principles of several different physical and chemical biosensors, both "active" and "passive," and gives examples of practical applications and future prospects for devices and systems based on these principles. 



Data, horário e local:

12 de agosto de 2016, 16h

Auditório do Departamento de Física – CCEN – UFPE

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