BSTR - Laboratório de Terras Raras

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BSTR: Laboratório de Terras Raras

Complexos de Tb, Gd e Eu sob iluminação UV (354nm)

The laboratory BSTR was founded in 1973 by Prof. Gilberto Fernandes de Sá at the Physics Department (PD) in the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. It is in charge of human resources training and education as well as basic research involving lanthanide ions.

Its controversial name "Banheiro das Senhoras Terras Raras=BSTR= Lady’s Toilet Room Rare-Earth" comes from the fact that it was first installed in the Lady’s restroom at the PD because it was the only place available by that time and it was also underused. This problem was solved by the relocation of the PD, once at The Geoscience’s Technology Centre. However its original name was kept until today.

The BSTR lab was of pivotal importance for the creation of the Fundamental Chemistry Department (DQF) founded in 1983. Today it is established inside this department and it is under the supervision of professors Severino Alves Júnior and Gilberto F. de Sá.